We count many others as part of the broader Moser Law Co. team.  David Patton and Sarah Rosenberg handle new and neighborhood businesses, one of our largest client needs.  In addition, we utilize our substantial network of skilled lawyers to extend our diversity of perspectives and practices, affording our clients access to top-notch attorneys who have chosen non-traditional career paths.  

Actually, to extend the analogy, we are not limited to our own bench, but can draft the best person from anywhere in the league.   We have an exclusive relationship with CadenceCounsel, Inc., which provides us an elite nationwide network of lawyers who have worked in the country's most distinguished law firms.  Cadence attorneys join our team as-needed, allowing us to nimbly and affordably assemble the best legal team for every client's unique needs.  We work with many of these attorneys on a regular basis, so we have first-hand knowledge of their talents.  We effectively handle wage hour class litigation and a large high-profile trial with this model.   Just like any larger team, everything is managed by the Moser Law Co. attorney and the buck stops with us.   

Sometimes, an issue may be outside of our practice area and many clients count on us to be their outside legal advisor, meaning that if we are not the right person for the job, we find someone for the team who is.  And, because of the sensitivity to other practices that we have developed by these relationships, we are tuned in to the overlap in practices and can flag issues early.   Examples include IP, immigration, ERISA, labor relations, and M&A.

We always keep the same dedicated team on your project.