Corporate Counsel

David graduated from . . . Emory University for his B.A. and University of Georgia for his law degree.

Previous job titles include . . . attorney at Dinsmore & Shohl, Dean of Students of Emory Law School, NPU Chairman for Unit M, and Advisory Board Member for Atlanta Westside Tax Allocation.

Can’t work without . . . percolated coffee with half and half (life is short).

David is successful at . . . advising many of the neighborhood’s successful businesses on how to become part of the community -- everything from securing appropriate space to obtaining the permitting and licensing that is critical to a business opening its doors.

Clients note that . . . David uses his vast network of contacts to transform abstract plans into a company that is open for business.

David believes in . . . the neighborhood and power of community.  He has spent the last 21 years building the Old Fourth Ward and surrounding communities, as a resident and as a community leader. 

He remembers when . . . “The Old Fourth Ward wasn't given a second thought by so many.  Our success is driven by the fact that our re-development efforts seek to embrace the community's roots and history while pointing a way forward.  The best businesses and developments provide for resident involvement, input and participation.   I'm most proud of the way we've handled it in our community.”