After years of representing companies, it was a natural extension to use that inside knowledge on behalf of executives. 

We know the provisions most others overlook, and we know the ones that end up in a courtroom.  We identify ways to leverage bargaining power. 

Executives also count on us to coach them through their employment transitions in a manner consistent with the professionalism and skills responsible for their career successes.  

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For Executives Only -
Negotiating Employment Contracts
  • Negotiating the Best Contract
  • Legal Releases and Transitioning Out 
  • Non-Competes and Restrictive Covenants
  • Confidentiality and IP
  • Change of Control Agreements
  • Litigation and Mediation

Chances are she has litigated a particular employment or contract issue, and can keep you out of court.
— Financial Services Exec
Theresia identified issues I would have missed and knew the way to negotiate with big-company executives.
— Fortune 10 Retail Exec
She was there for me during the stress of a career transition and coached me into a better result than my peers.
— Pharma Exec