Both Atlanta and San Francisco have become gateways to international investment and we represent companies that are based out of the country, those expanding into the U.S. and those acquiring U.S. operations.   It is important for corporate culture to cross borders while policies and practices are tailored to localities, particularly in the case of California employment laws or Georgia business incentives.

A comprehensive perspective.  As a dual citizen, Theresia is especially sensitive to the nuances of an international business venture.  Counseling a foreign employer means much more than translating words into English.  Commonly used terms like  "independent contractor" and "employment agreement" are not interchangeable between business cultures.  Assuming business customs from a foreign country here in the U.S. can cause substantial legal issues and waste money.  Executives need to understand the differences of U.S.  law in order to be effective in business and in managing a U.S. workforce.   

Becoming a U.S. employer.  Some individuals create or expand businesses, which permits them to acquire a visitor visa or work authorization.  We handle everything from business formation to employment contracts, all with sensitivity to the expectations of immigration authorities. 


  • Business Set-Up
  • Employment/HR Set-Up
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Executive and Talent Contracts
  • Restrictive Covenants 
  • Protecting Confidentiality
  • Legal Compliance
  • Outside General Counsel 
  • Litigation Government Audits
  • Vendor and Supplier Contracts


We had no idea where to start when we set up operations in the States. She watched out for us and got us the right people at every step.
— EU Exec
We did not have to explain the cultural differences and challenges we were facing.
— Asia Exec
We expanded operations to the U.S. and I needed someone who knew how to start a company without causing problems for my visa petition.
— EU Exec
Theresia’s knowledge of both cultures and the differences between our employment laws saved us time and money.
— International Tech GC