When you are dedicated to making your dream a reality, lawyers seem like a luxury.  Too much money, too much time, too many suits.  We get it – we are entrepreneurs like you.

Smaller companies do not get a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.  They are held to the same standards as the Big Dogs.  We have seen how a faulty foundation can hobble a company gaining momentum.  Unlike larger companies, litigation or a government audit can be a “bet the business” event that diverts scarce resources.  We also have spent many years in the c-suite and have insights that only Fortune 500 companies with an army of lawyers can usually afford.  

Using lawyers for good.  The key is to keep your time with lawyers simple and focused.  Whether you're just starting out, trying to grow, franchising, or planning to sell, we will give you practical guidance so that you can get back to growing the business you love. 


  • Compliant Business Set-Up
  • Employment/HR Set-Up
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Executive and Talent Contracts
  • Restrictive Covenants 
  • Protecting Confidentiality
  • Legal Compliance
  • Outside General Counsel 
  • Litigation and Government Audits
  • Vendor and Supplier Contracts
  • EEO Training and Investigations
  • Franchising
  • Not-for-Profit Companies

Theresia affords a growing business like us the luxury of a general counsel and business advisor. Then she was there to protect our interests when we sold to the big guys.
— San Francisco Start Up
Theresia’s team is relentless in getting our business goals accomplished.
— Start Up Turned Public Co.
She believed in our company and in us. We trusted her advice because she really got where we are coming from and saw our vision for where we wanted to go.
— Atlanta Start Up