Old School Service.

There was a time when lawyers were lifetime business partners and trusted confidantes.  Call us old-fashioned, but we prefer that model.

We are all in.
Confidantes are difficult to find, and a trusted legal advisor is even more so.  We see you as a partner, first and foremost.  In good times or bad, we are always in your corner.  

We listen – on us.
The meter is not running when you explain your problem.  We will not interrupt you with a plan, but we will inquire to better understand your unique perspective and goals.  Tell us everything; we will not be checking our watches.  

We get to know you.
We make it our business to understand your business, including what makes your company special and separates you from the competition.  We tailor strategies to fit your goals and further your business.   

We care (really). 
Why do we like what we do?  We like to take over the problems that are keeping you up at night.  We find honor in standing up for companies and the people who make the decisions.  Our success derives from your success.

We get it. 
We know that every minute you spend on legal matters is a minute lost from your business.  While you are sitting in a courtroom, your competition is out there getting the edge.

Our door is always open.
Come by and see us.  Or invite us to see you.  Without  distractions, we can really communicate and get some work done.

New School Solutions.

What is a "new school solution"?  It is a perfect storm of innovation.  Informed by experience, it is a solution that is implemented with a practical business purpose.

Get back to work.  
Behind every great innovator stands a trusted and experienced advisor.  Get to know a lawyer who understands your culture and goals and can take care of legal issues so you can focus on the future.

Reject boilerplate. 
Do you understand that contract?  Chances are, neither does the other side, nor would a judge or a jury.  New school means replacing legalese with clear expectations.

Make room for a new angle.  
We firmly believe that to be truly innovative, you need an unconventional perspective.  Break the routine and stop kicking the proverbial can down the road.  Let's roll up our sleeves, do the heavy lifting up front, and find the approach that fast forwards you to the endgame.  

Experience informs innovation.  
In their haste to come up with the next big thing, businesses and their advisors  often forget the lessons and experience that foster originality.   We know the rules, have learned the lessons, and have improved the process.   

Make lemonade. 
Instead of viewing legal matters as a hassle, think of them as business opportunities.  What land mines can we identify while letting your competitor incur mistake's hard-learned lessons?  Once you are stuck with a lawsuit, how can it galvanize your culture and reconnect you with your employees and customers?